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Xpragma is an advisory company, helping other companies to explore 'the edge', the frontier of innovation and change where companies reach beyond their current structures and approaches. We thereby focus on the interplay of technological evolution, organisational change and business strategy: a messy world of unfulfilled promises. [more]

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The deadly embrace of our desires

While contracting external services, such as consulting advice, we largely underestimate to what extent our own attitude and behaviour will determine the quality of the service delivered. You get what you are.

The Xpragmatic View #211 - November 9, 2013

The insidious effects of building your network

Networks bring the promise of linking us to uniqueness and diversity, but our human feelings too often guide us towards uniformity and average thinking.

The Xpragmatic View #210 - July 20, 2013

Social business needs a reality check

Every theory, every concept and every tool that exists in the world can be used for good purposes or for bad purposes. So, bottom-line, they do not determine the final outcome. The same goes for social business.

The Xpragmatic View #209 - June 15, 2013


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